Yeats International Summer School 2015 programme

One of the highlights of the Yeats2015 programme will be an extra special summer school. The 56th Annual Yeats International Summer School is set to run from 26th July to 7th August, 2015, in Sligo, Ireland.

With patron Catriona Yeats, director Meg Harper (University of Limerick), and associate director Matthew Campbell (University of York), the annual festivities in Sligo will celebrate the poet’s sesquicentennial in style. A roundtable of former Summer School directors, including Helen Vendler, Denis Donoghue, James Pethica, and Elizabeth Butler Cullingford, will be foremost in this summer’s special events.

The line-up of speakers is equally impressive and it includes David Lloyd, John Paul Riquelme, Vincent Sherry, Joseph Valente, Catherine Paul, Frank Shovlin, Frank Lentricchia, Denis Donoghue, Eamonn Hughes, Marjorie Howes, Hannah Sullivan, Warwick Gould, Ann Fogarty, and Alexandra Poulain.

Attending the summer school is a rewarding experience involving morning lectures, afternoon seminars, and enriching cultural events in the evenings.

For more information, see the website of the hosts, Yeats Society Sligo.

Yeats Society

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