Thoor Ballylee opens!

Presenting pictures from the recent re-opening of Thoor Ballylee in honour of Cuirt, Galway’s literary festival. It was a historic moment as this is the first time in many years the tower has been officially open to visitors.



As can be seen, it was a beautiful day and the visitors young and old were all enjoying themselves.




After a good deal of work from our wonderful helpers and volunteers the tower is in fine condition.



There’s still lots more to be done in the Yeats Thoor Ballylee Society development project.



We need your help! The tower needs a good deal of further work, and we have ongoing plans to create a visitor and education center and so keep the tower permanently open for visitors: read our mission statement.


If you’d like to help, join us, sponsor usvisit the donations page, or come along to some of our forthcoming events!


Get updates by following our blog (press the blue W button below or on the righthand menu), visit us on Facebook, and show that you like us. Or get in contact to tell us what you think. Together we can make sure the tower is preserved for future generations.


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