Thoor open for Heritage Week!

As part of the nationwide Heritage week celebrations, Thoor Ballylee is open all week from 10-6, with a specially reduced admission price of 5 Euro on Sundays. Now on view in our new audio-visual space is newly-restored film about the tower and its connection with resident poet W.B.Yeats.


As well as viewing from outside the stern Hiberno-Norman defensive tower with its bridge, stream, and pleasant gardens, this summer for the first time in years visitors can come in and view at firsthand the tower and cottage interior.


Inspect the study and diningroom, imagine the poet’s wife George fishing from the window, cross the threshold of the old bedroom, climb the winding stair, meet our resident bats in the rafters, and pace on the battlements as did Yeats himself, enjoying wonderful 360º views of the surrounding countryside. Then return downstairs to browse our exhibition of local artists, buy keepsakes at our gift shop, talk further with our friendly volunteer guides, or just sit with a complementary cup of tea.


On show for the first time in our new audio-visual space under slates in the old cottage is a newly-restored film about W.B.Yeats and the tower from RTÉ, written and narrated by the inimitable Yeats scholar, the late Augustine Martin.


Altogether an unmissable experience for Heritage Week. To find out more, contact us, or come and join us as a friend and help us keep this indispensable piece of heritage open for future generations.


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