Lady Gregory’s Brack

To kick off Heritage week at Thoor Ballylee, this Saturday Anna O’Donnell comes to Thoor Ballylee for a talk and demonstration event about Lady Augusta Gregory’s brack, the cake she made for the players  of the Abbey Theatre.

Lady Gregory’s Brack

3pm Saturday 18 August, Thoor Ballylee

Free event, all welcome!

Come and join us to learn more about this famous cake!

Anna O’Donnell, culinary historian, chef, and writer, will speak on the importance of ‘Lady Gregory’s Brack’. We will learn about its history and its significance for the Abbey Theatre, how for each new production the making of the cake became an embedded tradition. She will also demonstrate the process, so you can recreate this delicious dish at home.

In 2018 Galway becomes a European Region of Gastronomy, the first region of Ireland to be awarded the honour. Lady Gregory’s Brack is an important part of this story.