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How can I help?

As a local community group in charge of a historically important building and vibrant cultural centre, we need your help to continue this vital project. Come along to our public meetings, attend our cultural events, volunteer to help, and spread the word: follow our website, like our facebook page, and, most of all, tell your friends about the project. You can email us at

You can also join us or make a donation to the Yeats Thoor Ballylee restoration project. A special appeal has been opened for recent flooding.

The Yeats Thoor Ballylee Society, a not-for-profit local community group is actively seeking funding from individuals and from the corporate and public sector to develop the Yeats Thoor Ballylee Cultural Centre. All donors will receive recognition and promotion based on their chosen sponsorship level and will be regularly informed on the progress of the project and the use of their funds.

Make a donation

You can donate any amount you like, large or small. You can also give a little bit each month to become a friend (see below).

Please indicate your level of support and if you would like your name to be featured. All donations are gratefully received and receipts will be issued if you include your contact details.


Click the button below and follow the instructions.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

By Bank Transfer

You can join us or donate by bank transfer. Please contact our treasurer Rena McAllen for bank details.

By Cheque

We can accept donations by cheque drawn on an Irish Bank. Cheques should be made payable to:
Yeats Thoor Ballylee Development
Rena McAllen, Treasurer
c/o Colm Farrell Auctioneers
Courtney House
Co Galway

American donors

American donors please note: you might benefit from tax relief!

The American Ireland Funds has also agreed to accept American donor led donations on behalf of the Yeats Thoor Ballylee Development so that Donors can benefit from tax relief.  All donors should ensure that they have specified that the Yeats Thoor Ballylee Development is the intended recipient of the donation. Donors contributing via The American Ireland Fund will receive a receipt from their office. Ireland Funds Contact: Jordan Campbell :

Become a friend

Why not make it permanent? Just give a little bit each month and you can become a forever friend of Thoor. We would be delighted to welcome you to the Yeats Thoor Ballylee Society as a friend, sponsor, or benefactor. You can also volunteer to help!

With their permission, the names of our Thoor Ballylee programme supporters can be featured on our website.

 The following is a sample of sponsorship opportunities available:

Type Amount Recognition
Founding Sponsors €50,000 Commemorative plaque in visitor centre. Reference to commitment on sponsor website and other advertising material (to be approved by the Society). Other recognition includes name/logo on Thoor Ballylee website and on all promotional material. Special mention in keynote address. Special invitation to launch.
Yeats Friends €2,000 p.a. Commemorative Plaque in visitor centre. Special recognition on Thoor Ballylee website. Name on all promotional material. Special invitation to launch.
Thoor Ballylee Lifelong Friend €500 p.a. Recognition as a Lifelong Friend on Thoor Ballylee website. Special invitation to launch
Thoor Ballylee Friend €5 per month. Recognition on Thoor Ballylee website, if desired. 20% discount at the Centre café and free entrance to events



12 thoughts on “Donate / Join us

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  9. My Uncle Mick Monahan “the major” who lived on Woodville Road , Kilchreest, not far from Yeats Thoor Ballylee, I was over from the states visiting in the summer of 1965, I was 17 at the time, my Uncle Mick says to me we will go for a bike ride to the dedication of the Yeats Thoor Ballylee, when we arrived at the site there were all kinds of camera people and a huge crowd for the renovated Yeats Thoor, anyways I always enjoy visiting the area of Yeats Thoor Ballylee.


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